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Let’s Make Dr. Jonathan Kenigson a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee


Let’s Make Dr. Jonathan Kenigson a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

A heightened understanding of classical mathematics with several breakthroughs in academic research surrounding black holes. An ardent passion for spreading knowledge and making world-class education available in developing nations. A compassionate worldview that involves a passion for service without the benefit of the reward.

These are merely three of the many inspiring qualities Dr. Kenigson embodies, not for fame or acknowledgment but for the essence of humanity and public service. That’s why we feel it is not only proper but vital to name Dr. Kenigson a nominee for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

Who Is Dr. Jonathan Kenigson?

With the rise of social media, there is no end to the hordes of pretenders that put up an honorable facade in front of the masses. Lack of awareness has given rise to a myriad of celebrity influencers who have become champions for several social and cultural movements. Social media activists parade online preaching to the world while reveling in increased followers and unlimited online clout. Is this what the world has come to? Don’t we deserve a better class of influencers who put service before fame?

We are so eager to support individuals who only ‘appear’ to have a compassionate nature, and yet we ignore the true champions who dedicate their lives to selfless service. Dr. Jonathan Kenigson is one of those champions and deserves much more than our mere attention. Although revered in the academic world, he is largely unknown to most of society and even more concealed in the eyes of the younger generations.

Today, we discuss some of Dr. Kenigson’s biggest contributions to the world, along with his history and backstory. We want the world to be aware of the countless services he has done to improve society and humanity as a whole. This gem of a human only deserves the highest praise, adoration, and respect.

Dr. Kenigson’s Education And Early Life

Dr. Jonathan Kenigson was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and developed an innate sense of compassion and empathy at a very young age. He is kind to his fellow humans, animals, and life forms of all types. This compassionate outlook stayed with him while growing up and remains very prominent in his personality today.

Kenigson was diligent and hard-working; he graduated as one of the best students at the University of Tennessee. He welcomed all challenges in life and opted to work on a thesis that nobody had touched for decades. It was based on uncovering the secrets of L^2 decay and energy resolution for dispersion on star-shaped domains present within an arbitrary dimension for dispersed wave equation. Where others had failed, Kenigson succeeded with flying colors.

His studies took him to the University of Sofia in Bulgaria, where he pursued philosophy and an understanding of mathematics and its importance for research regarding black holes. Being a Christian, Kenigson developed a fascination with the intersection of religion with science, a topic he is always ready to explore.

Dr. Kenigson’s Work In The Research Field

Kenigson moved on to conduct valuable research exploring black hole dynamics and the role of mathematics in its overall understanding. He is a classical Quadrivium expert, as seen on NY Weekly, and well-versed in black hole combinatorics and geometry. He has made several contributions to uncovering the hidden truth behind space, with a particular focus on black holes and their characteristics.

In 2022, Kenigson founded Athanasian Hall, a global think-tank that focuses on research and often provides consultations to several educational, health, and governmental institutions. Located in Cambridge, U.K, it currently has around 20 members, all renowned educators, researchers, and academics in their respective fields.

The unique thing about Athanasian Hall is that you can learn directly from research materials instead of textbooks which often come with several limitations. And the best part is the organization provides all of its services for free.

Dr. Jonathan Kenigson As An Educator

Dr. Kenigson strongly believes that knowledge and wisdom should be actively spread across the world, especially to developing nations who often don’t have access to the latest information and research. He has undertaken several programs to bring pure mathematics to students in developing nations, a commendable feat.

Being an accomplished academic, Kenigson could have applied for a career in more elite fields. However, he knew that his true calling was to educate the world, so he joined Vol State Community College in 2017, where he still teaches.

Kenigson is known as the Don of Mathematical research (see more in this article on Medium) and is a pinata of wisdom and knowledge all waiting to come out. He goes the extra mile for his students and anyone who is in pursuit of knowledge. He has posted many of his own research materials online at a great financial cost. Yet, he selflessly gives himself to the world in the name of public service.

Dr. Kenigson’s Philosophy

Dr. Kenigson introduced a wonderful philosophy to the world by the name of ‘Reasoned Philanthropy’ as explained on London Daily Post. It is a concept that involves selfless giving, genuine dedication to social causes, and an inherent passion for improving humanity. He leads by example and displays unmatched willpower for his cause, and encourages others to do the same.

Many academics, social elites, scientists, and humanitarians have adopted Reasoned Philanthropy, while some have openly criticized it. However, Kenigson does not pay heed to the critics and instead fills himself with a positive attitude and an unending passion for spreading peace, knowledge, and the values of service.

Should Dr. Kenigson Be Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize?

They say children are the world’s future, and nobody understands this better than Dr. Jonathan Kenigson. He lives his life for the welfare of his students and prepares them with all the information and knowledge necessary for a bright and meaningful future.

Despite receiving several awards for his work, he is still widely unknown amongst the masses, especially among college students today. He has already received the Colonel Aide de Camp and the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. We strongly feel that his deeds should be highlighted not only in the USA and U.K, but also on the world stage. Nominating him for the Nobel Peace Prize would definitely be a great way to do this.

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