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Jennifer Pratt – The Empowered Woman Behind The Bevel Label’s Bold Fashion Revolution


Jennifer Pratt – The Empowered Woman Behind The Bevel Label’s Bold Fashion Revolution

Meet Jennifer Pratt, a force of nature in the world of fashion and entrepreneurship. A multi-hyphenate woman of our times, Pratt, a military veteran, government contractor, real estate investor, and, above all, a passionate creator of bold fashion, is the dynamo behind The Bevel Label, an edgy western chic boutique and accessories store. Her motto? Be bold. Be you. Take life by the horns.

As an ambitious mother who’s taking on the world for her family, Pratt’s journey into the fashion industry started in the midst of the global pandemic. With local boutiques shuttered and her newborn daughter as her muse, Pratt’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited. “I didn’t have anywhere to shop, so I began searching for unique clothing boutiques,” she recalls. “None were local, so I began considering starting my own…and I did!”

Pratt didn’t just start a boutique; she initiated a revolution, a rebellion against the mundane. The Bevel Label, or The BL Boutique as it’s fondly known, isn’t your average fashion store. It’s an echo of Pratt’s personality – vibrant, unique, and unapologetically bold. It’s a haven for the “rebel souls, the gypsy badass wild girls” who choose to live life on their terms, much like Pratt herself.

Handmade by Pratt and a collective of women-owned small businesses, The BL Boutique offers a treasure trove of rare finds. From statement clothing for concerts and festivals to everyday attire with an edge, every item carries the mark of individuality. Pratt’s store takes pride in offering not only unique fashion but also an unmatched customer service experience, promising responses to queries within the hour.

As we take a sneak peek at The BL Boutique’s new arrivals, the message is clear: “The type of clothing you wear says a lot about you.” It’s a nod to the cowgirl style, a lifestyle that resonates with the women who get it. Pratt’s promise? “Our punchy western cowgirl best sellers are gonna give you a sick new look.”

The BL Boutique’s inventory extends beyond clothing to include jewelry, hats, footwear, accessories, and even decor, appealing to a wide variety of tastes. The inclusion of gift cards makes it a one-stop shop for all your fashion and gifting needs.

Pratt is not only carving a niche in the fashion industry but also setting a stellar example for her daughter and all women who dare to dream big. “I’m busting my butt and being the best example of a professional woman,” she says. A testament to her belief in hard work and tenacity, Pratt’s success is proof that any obstacle can be overcome, and any dream can be realized.

As Pratt continues to shape The Bevel Label’s future, she envisions a physical storefront where customers can try on clothes and experience the brand in person. Considering the strides she’s made so far, it’s clear that Pratt’s vision is not a distant dream, but a near certainty.

The Bevel Label is a manifestation of Jennifer Pratt’s spirit – bold, unique, and unstoppable. It’s a tribute to all the women who take life by the horns, making their mark in the world, just like Pratt.

Follow Jennifer Pratt and The Bevel Label’s journey on Instagram @bevellabelboutique, TikTok @the_bl_boutique, and Facebook @bevellabelboutique. Explore the unique, bold collections on their website:

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