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Harmonizing Realities: Scott Howard’s “Angel Numbers” Album Redefines Perception and Ignites Change


Harmonizing Realities: Scott Howard’s “Angel Numbers” Album Redefines Perception and Ignites Change

In the realm where artistry and spirituality converge, a striking musical visionary steps into the spotlight, bringing forth a captivating message of enlightenment. Scott Howard stands on the cusp of revealing his forthcoming album, “Angel Numbers.” Drawing from his prior body of work and his recent music video, Scott remains diligently immersed in the studio, crafting yet another masterpiece that surpasses mere melodies, blossoming into a transcendent experience. Each note, meticulously shaped through years of dedicated artistic exploration, bears witness to Scott’s exceptional musical skill, pushing the boundaries of creative genius to unprecedented heights.

As we anticipate the release of “Angel Numbers,” Disrupt Weekly had the privilege to sit down with Scott Howard and delve into the inspirations, intentions, and intricacies behind this remarkable album. From the resonant frequencies that shape its composition to the profound messages it conveys, Scott invites us to explore the intersection of music and spiritual awakening. Join us as we uncover the magic behind “Angel Numbers” and learn how it reflects his growth as a musician while igniting the light within listeners and fostering positive change in the world.

In this exclusive interview, Scott delves into the ways the album’s sacred frequency of 432Hz redefines reality, how his role as a messenger is intricately woven into its composition, and how the fusion of music and spirituality creates a unique platform for promoting selflessness and harmonious vision. Discover the key takeaways that will inspire listeners to contribute actively to a more positive world.

Your upcoming album, “Angel Numbers,” is said to be the culmination of a lifelong pursuit of artistic expression. Could you share how your expansive knowledge and refined expertise have interwoven into every note of this album, pushing the boundaries of your creative genius to new heights? How do you believe this album reflects your growth as a musician throughout your career?

As we journey through life, our experiences become lessons that hopefully lead to growth. The culmination of my musical creations, hopefully, reflects this growth, offering a wiser perspective compared to my earlier works. Each piece is a gift channeled from Source, performed consistently in the resonant 432Hz frequency. Our world seems to slumber, and my aspiration is for the music to be an awakening, resonating profoundly with listeners. The initial response to “We Are Forever,” the first track from the upcoming album, has been very positive, igniting a hope that this creative journey continues to touch souls and hold its own in its unique way.

“An Angel flew down from above…and stood in front of me…”

“Lifetimes of questions awakened an unknown need…”

“But all I said was…come back when I’m free…”

“Long blond hair and the bluest eyes…all I had was anger inside…”

“A snapshot seen beyond the veil…”

“Decisions in life…did I succeed or fail…did I succeed or fail…”

Tuned to the sacred frequency of 432Hz, “Angel Numbers” carries a unique resonance. Can you elaborate on how this frequency aligns with the album’s intention to redefine listeners’ perceptions of reality? What effect do you anticipate it having on their engagement with the music?

The music is an Ancient Genre of NEW Music from Source in 432Hz, with the intention to awaken and elevate the vibrations of all beings on this shared planet – humans, animals, plants – for we’re all interconnected. Our history reveals a lack of kindness towards both Mother Earth and one another in this intricate matrix. The pervasive 440Hz frequency, predominant in broadcast, television, 5G, instruments, and more, has been lowering vibrations and negating our collective progress. Rooted in the clarity of 432Hz, the music resonates better, aligning with our watery composition of 70%, wherein frequency shapes our existence. We’re profoundly affected by these frequencies, a fact exploited in the realm of mind control. The intent is for listeners to resonate, awaken, and raise their own vibrations, for we live in a manufactured reality that often clouds our perception. More are now looking beyond, awakening daily – let’s be the light in this journey.

You see yourself as a messenger aiming to ignite the light within your audience. In what ways does the album’s composition serve as a conduit for the divine messages and revelations you intend to convey? How do you hope listeners will respond to these messages on a personal and collective level?

I perceive myself as a survivor, having experienced the deep loss of a child, a father, a son, and a husband. At times, I’ve walked the path of a fool, yet I also find myself in the role of a messenger. In truth, aren’t we all messengers and receivers of diverse information? It’s akin to being different radio receivers, attuned to distinct frequencies. Depending on the frequency we’re on, we either resonate with or remain unaware of the music being channeled. The lyrics hold my heartfelt sentiments, often designed to stir discomfort and prompt awakening in the listeners. Those who slumber or those with curiosity seek more. Whether divine or not, that’s open to interpretation. I’m unsure, but embracing goodness seems to contribute to shaping a better reality. After years of crafting music, it’s encouraging to observe its positive influence unfold. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally be discovered! LOL!

“Through the lens of our mind’s eye…is where the end of the journey resides…”

“Our heart feels what the eye is missing…your Angels are here and listening.”

“To get your attention and tell… how to win at life’s wishing well…” 

“Open your heart and understand…”

“We’re going home out of Neverland… out of Neverland!”

“Angel Numbers” encourages listeners to think selflessly and envision a more harmonious world. How does the fusion of music and spirituality in this album create a unique platform for promoting these ideals? What do you believe are the key takeaways that will inspire your audience to actively contribute to positive change?

“Angel Numbers” serves as a mirror, reflecting the unfiltered reality of our world. It’s meant to evoke discomfort, pushing for transformation. In our times, change often requires jolting people awake to the need for a reset, much different from historical resets like the enigmatic Tartarian society with its vast energy systems and awe-inspiring architecture spanning the globe. Yet, we remain oblivious to the true purpose of these remarkable structures. Did you know that the Arc de Triomphe functions as the world’s largest horseshoe magnet, generating energy? Those spires and structures, once thought of as churches were actual healing centers, and held the key to harnessing energy. Mysteries abound in our history – Grand Central Station, colossal in size and age, built for giants in a world where both humans and giants coexisted. Advanced technologies, from communication with the departed to anti-gravity flying machines, were part of Tartarian’s reality. However, these technologies were taken from us, and our true history remains hidden, leaving us trapped in this illusory existence. I invite you to watch my music video ‘WE ARE FOREVER in 432Hz.’ It offers valuable insights for truth-seekers. ‘Awaken, and you will become angry,’ for as children under the stars, do we truly understand our place? Awaken from life’s cycle before the chains of time. Who will liberate us from the fall, from the realms beyond the mirrored dome, our true home, Eden? As we stand on the precipice, it’s almost time to know, to remember, to recognize our sky families awaiting our awakening.

“We have forgotten who we are…Angels of light from afar…”

“Escaping unseen prison walls… slaves from this ancient war…”

“Full life experience…a soul mission to be…”

“Not coming back… to this prison unfreed…”

“Misinformation…what is real…who can we trust…in this divine new deal…”

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