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From Home Studio to Spotlight – Hasmo’s Breakthrough


From Home Studio to Spotlight – Hasmo’s Breakthrough

Meet Hans Seeberg, the up-and-coming artist known as Hasmo, driven by his deep passion for music. Hans isn’t in it for the fame; he simply loves making music at home, evolving as an artist, and showing the world what he has to offer.

Hasmo just released his debut EP, “Wasting Time,” on April 29th. The EP features two standout singles, “In & Out” and “Feeling.” “In & Out,” with its 3:30 runtime, is a high-energy ballad that explores the cyclical nature of love and love. The mixed vocals and expert instrumentation on drums and guitar come together to create a memorable and relatable chorus.

On the other hand, “Feeling” offers a different vibe, starting with dreamy guitar chords that evoke a cinematic feel. The songwriting and lyrics showcase Hasmo’s versatility and talent for creating emotionally resonant music.

Although he describes himself as a humble home artist, Hasmo’s early music shows a talent that rivals seasoned professionals. Hans has a powerful message: “Hasmo’s songs existing is proof that anyone with an idea and an instrument can do this.”

“Wasting Time” by Hasmo

Hasmo’s music is often described as poppy, rocky, melodic, and dreamy. His emotive sounds and uplifting tracks are designed to make listeners feel joyful and inspired. Hans loves it when his art creates connections and leaves a lasting impression. He especially enjoys the thought of one of his songs sticking in a listener’s mind, humorously recalling, “I took it as a compliment when my kids said, ‘You know what, it’s not actually that terrible.’”

Hans’ love affair with music began at the age of eight when he first picked up a guitar and started jamming with his older brother. The COVID-19 lockdowns pushed him to finally start writing his own songs. This decision led to a flood of tracks and the launch of his solo project, Hasmo, which filled music streaming platforms with his home-recorded, humble, yet impressive tracks.

You can stream Hasmo’s music on Spotify, where fans can enjoy his debut album and look forward to his second EP, “Big Mistake,” set to release at the end of June. He’s also working on several new songs, although they’re still under wraps for now.

Hasmo’s vision for his music goes beyond personal satisfaction. By sharing his unique take on music with the world, he hopes to inspire others, showing that it’s possible to create meaningful and impactful art without a big budget or a desire for fame. He emphasizes the importance of authentic expression, proving that music can transform a simple home project into something much more significant.

When asked about his dream collaboration, Hasmo mentioned Sarah Cracknell from Saint Etienne. And his all-time favorite song? It’s “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys.

Ultimately, Hasmo represents the idea that music is for everyone. He fosters creativity and encourages potential artists to find their own sound. His homegrown success proves that passion, not fame or fortune, is the true driving force behind creating art that matters.

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