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Exclusive Interview – Insights from UNOTOPIC, Latin Music’s Rising Talent


Exclusive Interview – Insights from UNOTOPIC, Latin Music’s Rising Talent

UNOTOPIC, a rising star in the electric arena of latin music, is making waves far beyond the usual boundaries of traditional music. At just 22 years old, Miguel Torres-Deschenes, known professionally as UNOTOPIC, is skillfully blending the rhythmic diversities of his Guatemalan and Canadian heritage to create a unique sound. More than just a musician, he is an innovator, weaving cultural threads into a global tapestry of sound. Disrupt Weekly caught up with UNOTOPIC to dive into his journey, explore the inspirations behind his music, and discuss what lies ahead for this emerging artist.

Miguel, you’ve rapidly become a highlight in the music scene. To what do you attribute this incredible ascent?

Thank you for the kind words! Honestly, it feels like a blend of staying true to my roots and pushing the envelope with every track. My background is a mix of sounds and stories from Guatemala and Canada, which I think gives my music a different flavor. There’s also a lot of hard work behind the scenes and an incredible team who believes in my vision.

Your album “Sueños” became an international sensation overnight. Describe that whirlwind experience for us.

It was absolutely wild. I remember the night it dropped, my phone started buzzing non-stop. Notifications were pouring in from everywhere — Spotify, TikTok, you name it. People from around the world were streaming the album, sharing it, and reaching out. It was overwhelming but in the best way possible. Knowing that my work could touch so many lives really solidified my commitment to music.

Your latest single, “SUELTA,” ft Bad Bunny has captivated fans with its Reggaeton vibes and catchy vocals. What sparked this particular hit?

“SUELTA” is all about the exhilarating sense of newfound freedom and deep connections. It captures that dual sensation of liberation and intimacy—it’s about breaking free from past constraints and truly embracing the moment with someone special. With lyrics that dive into passionate connections and a feature from Bad Bunny, the song is a celebration of letting go and living freely. We aimed to encapsulate these themes into a sound that resonates universally, creating a single that moves both emotionally and rhythmically.

As a young artist in the spotlight, how do you handle the pressures that come with fame?

It’s definitely a learning curve. The key for me has been to remain grounded. My family and friends keep me focused on what truly matters. Plus, I believe it’s crucial to take time for yourself, to just decompress and enjoy life outside of music. That balance helps me stay creative and genuine in my work.

Looking ahead, what aspirations do you have for your musical journey?

I’m really looking forward to exploring more musical styles and perhaps blending even more genres. I love the idea of pushing boundaries and creating something entirely new. Touring is also on my wishlist. I can’t wait to bring my music to live audiences around the world, to connect in real time with the people who’ve supported my journey so far. I’ve got some shows coming up, too. One in Guatemala City on 12.1 and one in Mexico City on 12.9. You can find more info and get links to buy tickets on my website.

For those who haven’t yet tuned into your music, where can they find you and join the journey?

They can stream my tracks on Spotify and Apple Music. I’m also quite active on Instagram. I love interacting with my fans and often share snippets of new music, behind-the-scenes content, and just snippets of my daily life. Everyone’s welcome to follow me here.

As we wrap up our chat, it’s evident that UNOTOPIC is far more than a musician. He’s a vibrant bridge connecting different cultures, a true storyteller whose medium is melody, and a trailblazer in a genre that’s all about pushing the envelope. With his deep connection to both his roots and the pulse of the contemporary world, UNOTOPIC is set to do more than succeed—he’s on track to make his mark Latin music. Keep an eye on Disrupt Weekly; we’ll keep you updated on every step of this remarkable artist’s journey.

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