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Cleopatra Ogharadukun – The Resilient Rise of a Growth Hacking Virtuoso


Cleopatra Ogharadukun – The Resilient Rise of a Growth Hacking Virtuoso

In the ever-evolving corporate landscape, brimming with entrepreneurs and professionals striving for recognition, one name stands out: Cleopatra Ogharadukun. Widely recognized as “Candid Cleo” on social media platforms, this Nigerian dynamo’s extraordinary journey from a ghetto to the glittering halls of global corporations makes her an inspiration and force to reckon with.

Cleo’s tenacity and grit are second to none, but it’s her fierce determination to empower others to realize their potential that truly sets her apart. She has honed her skills as a business development strategist and personal growth advisor, consistently exploring the intricate correlation between personal growth and business success.

Her impressive resume spans diverse industries including financial services, market research, and social impact. Each stint reinforced a critical insight – people buy from people they perceive as successful, and businesses flourish based on intentionality in their processes. It was this observation that propelled Cleo down an intriguing rabbit hole of crafting elevated brands for individuals and business owners to bolster their success, happiness, and growth.

Today, Cleo juggles two hats with aplomb. As the driving force behind BDC and Co., she offers bespoke business consulting solutions. On the other hand, as an independent coach, she provides growth coaching, drawing from her vast pool of experiences, education, and professional know-how. She’s passionate about equipping people with the right tools to curate and create the life they desire by succeeding professionally and in business.

Cleo’s accomplishments are a testament to her talents. Her recent listing in the 40 Under 40 awards and the honor of the Solar Quarter Grand Masters Award for Sales Thought Leadership are a nod to her formidable skills. Yet, for Cleo, these accolades are simply stepping stones in her quest to make a significant difference.

Her upcoming book, ‘The Growth Code: Unleash Your Personal Growth Potential. Rewrite Your Story, And Rise to Extraordinary Heights,’ epitomizes her commitment to help others. The book aims to guide individuals to realize their full potential and take the reins of their life trajectory.

An ardent advocate for value communication, purpose-driven leadership, mindset elevation, overcoming challenges & resilience, growth hacking, and women in leadership, Cleo is working diligently to establish herself as a keynote speaker. Her planned TED talk and global speaking engagements promise to be game-changers, providing transformative ideas encouraging individuals to step out of their comfort zones and fearlessly chase their aspirations.

Yet, Cleo’s vision extends far beyond her personal endeavors. Her projected launch of GLORY Inc., a non-for-profit foundation aimed at aiding young people from marginalized communities, echoes her own humble beginnings. She seeks to help them access growth resources through coaching, education-based scholarships, and entrepreneurship grants.

In the next five years, Cleo aims to launch a series of leadership programs, each designed to provide practical tools, strategies, and personalized guidance to unlock the full potential of professionals and entrepreneurs. She also envisions achieving global recognition and earning industry awards for her innovative approaches, visionary thinking, and significant contributions to business development and personal growth fields.

The world eagerly anticipates Cleo’s upcoming ventures, which, if her past is any indication, are bound to be resounding successes. She embodies an exceptional amalgamation of unyielding resilience, profound wisdom, and unwavering resolve to make a difference – elements that have shaped her inspirational journey and will undoubtedly guide her future path.

Discover more about Cleopatra Ogharadukun through her website, or connect with her on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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