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CALOR – Turning The Page on Custom Footwear with Global Expansion


CALOR – Turning The Page on Custom Footwear with Global Expansion

In the realm of bespoke footwear, CALOR is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Launched in Ukraine amidst the height of the pandemic in July 2020, this brand, the brainchild of Kseniia Kondrat, is embarking on a revolutionary mission. CALOR offers customers the chance to craft their own shoes through a seamless 3D online platform – an empowering concept that has elevated the brand to an enviable global stance.

CALOR’s upward trajectory was as sure-footed as the sturdy soles it manufactures but not without its hurdles. A flagship showroom opened in Kiev in September 2021, drawing a colossal influx of eager customers. However, escalating conflicts in Ukraine led to the temporary closure of operations.

The brand’s indomitable spirit, embodied by Kondrat, compelled CALOR to seek new ground. Consequently, the first CALOR franchise found a home in Poland in October 2022, opening a new chapter in the history of this budding enterprise.

With its bold ethos, CALOR champions the idea that shoes are more than just footwear; they are a reflection of the wearer’s unique style, personality, and individuality. Finding the perfect pair that aligns with customers’ stylistic preferences, offers the right fit, and stands the test of quality can be strenuous. This is where CALOR fills in, offering shoes tailored to each customer’s specifications, right from design to fit.

The CALOR lineup soon to hit the market includes the sleek, leather loafers, the CALOR Sombo. Matching bags and belts, all crafted with fine leather, also accompany the footwear, creating a comprehensive style suite. All of which can be accessed easily on their platforms – website, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

In 2023 Kondrat, moved to the United States, opening the first CALOR showroom and manufacturing facility in Katy, Texas. CALOR’s dedication to quality, commitment to innovation, and customer satisfaction, has earned an impressive reputation in the footwear industry worldwide.

A defining element of the CALOR brand is their state-of-the-art manufacturing process, enabled by a dedicated team in the USA, boasting over 20 years of experience in shoe construction. The result is a collection of superior shoes, handcrafted with precision, care, and a level of quality that sets CALOR apart.

The process to create these artisanal masterpieces usually spans two months, but thanks to the brand’s streamlined operations, customers receive their orders within seven to ten business days. Besides the thrill of owning custom-made shoes, clients enjoy several perks, including highly coveted free shipping, especially if one pairs the shoes with accessories from their lineup.

Beyond shoe making, CALOR is brewing a brand-new line of bags, further proliferating its commanding presence in the fashion industry. The brand hopes to generate a sense of unique creativity, pride, and excitement for customers through their products.

The omnipresent dedication to uniqueness is what sets CALOR apart, helping customers defy the confines of mass-market footwear. Through its trailblazing vision, CALOR is transforming personal fashion experiences, one customized shoe at a time. The future of footwear, it seems, is being shaped meticulously by CALOR.

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