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Behind the Music – The Artistry of NYC’s Jules


Behind the Music – The Artistry of NYC’s Jules

New York City based singer, songwriter, producer – Jules, is painting the town red with her new song “La Vampira.” An infectious mix of catchy, dark pop energy spiced with Jules’s signature cadence, the song is already burning up the charts and setting our office playlist on fire!

Jules wears many hats, but at the heart of it all, she is a storyteller weaving evocative narratives through her music. Her sound, often a delicate balance of somber and compelling, lures the audience into a spectrum of emotions. Each track, skillfully sculpted, initiates a wholly immersive journey, with the production being the canvas that supports the song’s theme, start to finish.

“La Vampira” is a fine example of this. A grand mix of captivating, dark, and clean since its recent release, its brilliance lies not only in its euphoric dance-pop appeal but also in the intricate art of songwriting. The song resonates with Jules’s distinct style of storytelling hidden beneath an irresistible fusion of electro and indie-pop beats.

Jules’s songwriting prowess extends through a variety of themes. From aging to self-confidence, she invites listeners to seek deeper meanings behind her melodies. In doing so, she also aspires to offer a sense of identity and connection amidst the world’s chaotic rhythm in this auditory mirror she creates.

Her lyrics echo her desire for audiences to find their own narratives within her songs. Jules’s music becomes a melodic confession that we’re never alone. In her desire for listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm of her beats, she crafts soundtracks for moments of freedom and distractions on the dance floor.

An ever-evolving artist, she thrives by keeping her sound distinctive and dynamic. Ranging from slow guitar pop to the electronic depths of dark pop, Jules’s exploration of diverse genres further fuels her passion for music. Percolating her excitement for her upcoming projects, she shares the joy in the anticipation of challenging her audiences’ expectations and engaging them with her new sonic explorations.

Jules is not just an artist; she’s an all-rounder producer/songwriter/ singer ready to set the world ablaze. Constant growth and a robust zeal for creating tales through music are the backbone of her artistry.

With ‘La Vampira’ out now on all streaming platforms, Jules’s continued progress and love for music are evident. Drawing inspiration from Nelly Furtado’s ‘Maneater,’ the song beautifully blends dance-pop euphoria with a foreboding allure, ensuring you’ll need another listen.

Look out for Jules and her enticing musical narratives as she explodes into 2024 with more singles. Make room for Jules on your playlists and be part of her thrilling artistic journey! Check out “La Vampira” on Spotify here. Follow her on Instagram @julesofwonder and Apple Music here to be part of her story.

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