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Armen Sargasyan: The Visionary Leader Steering to Global Heights


Armen Sargasyan: The Visionary Leader Steering to Global Heights

In the fast-paced world of AI-based trading, Armen Sargasyan has emerged as a seasoned leader, orchestrating the success story of Beyond his accomplishments in the cryptocurrency realm, Armen Sargasyan’s journey reflects a commitment to continuous learning, strategic acumen, and a pragmatic approach to real-world challenges.

Educational Pursuits and Skill Mastery:

Armen Sargasyan’s trajectory began with a master’s degree in management in 2019, followed by an MBA journey that saw him delve into intensive courses on lean management and economic change management. His pursuit of knowledge culminated in earning the prestigious Prince2 6th edition certificate.

Roots in FMCG and Rise to Executive Leadership at IBM:

From 2011 to 2015, Armen Sargasyan honed his skills in the FMCG industry, climbing the ranks from a representative to a regional manager. A pivotal moment arrived in November 2015 when he assumed the role of executive director at IBM Armenia, immersing himself in the IT domain and honing leadership skills that would prove invaluable in the tech-driven future.

Nationwide Impact and Cryptocurrency Revelation:

Sargasyan’s influence extended beyond corporate borders when, as a project director, he led a nationwide initiative shaping a government agenda for investments. The true turning point, however, came during his tenure as the Chief Listing Officer at Bitmart from 2018 to 2019. Collaborating closely with the MM team, Sarkisyan recognized the vast potential of the cryptocurrency market, sowing the seeds for the inception of

Commitment to Technological Advancement:

In 2022, Armen Sargasyan fortified his expertise with a course in artificial intelligence at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. This commitment to ongoing learning serves as a cornerstone for the continuous development of’s cutting-edge technology.

Leadership in Action at

Currently at the helm as CEO, Armen Sargasyan collaborates with CMO Kristina Radchenko to spearhead’sglobal expansion. His visionary leadership has positioned him as one of the most inspiring figures in the AI-based trading landscape.

Pragmatic Solutions to Identity Challenges:

Amidst the achievements, Armen Sargasyan addresses rumors of a dual identity with transparency and humor. Acknowledging the practical challenges faced by immigrants, he shares his experience of obtaining an Armenian passport and navigating official documentation. This revelation showcases Sargasyan’s resourcefulness and practicality in overcoming bureaucratic hurdles.

Armen Sargasyan’s holistic journey reflects not just a leader in AI-based trading but a visionary navigating the complexities of both corporate and personal landscapes.

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