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Alex Krawczyk – Harmonizing Distance with “Space Between Us”


Alex Krawczyk – Harmonizing Distance with “Space Between Us”

In the contemporary folds of Canadian folk music, Alex Krawczyk has established a serene yet profound presence, and her latest single “Space Between Us” is a shining testament to her artistic journey. Released on May 21st, the song not only resonates with the listeners through its soulful melody and uplifting lyrics but also bridges the distances, both literal and metaphorical, between us.

Listen to “Space Between Us” on Spotify, here.

Krawczyk, a Canadian Folk Music Awards nominee, has been riding the waves of success in the Canadian folk scene, captivating audiences with her authenticity and lyrical depth. “Space Between Us,” co-written with producer Robbie Roth, is an exploration of the beauty inherent in the world around us and the significance of the spaces that separate us. The single brings forth a melodic introspection, urging listeners to embrace the distance and find connection despite it.

Her music is a tribute to her Canadian roots, intertwining the rustic charm of folk with contemporary sensibilities. Krawczyk’s voice carries a warmth that is both genuine and inviting, creating an atmosphere of comfort and understanding. This new single promises to connect with both long-time fans and new listeners, showcasing her ability to speak to the heart through her music.

Krawczyk’s journey in the folk music scene has been nothing short of remarkable. With over 350K Spotify streams of her catalog, a #1 US radio airplay chart single, and another Top 10 US radio single under her belt, she has made her mark in the industry. “Space Between Us” is poised to further cement her status as one of Canada’s most talented and authentic folk musicians.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Krawczyk is deeply committed to her community, dedicating substantial time to charitable initiatives. She prefers to maintain a low profile, letting her music speak for her, and continues to explore themes of hope and healing through her songs.

Fans and new listeners alike can now enjoy “Space Between Us” on all major streaming platforms. The single is a reminder of the power of music to connect us, to transcend the physical distances, and to find the common threads that bind us together.

Krawczyk’s commitment to her craft and her community shines through in “Space Between Us,” making it a poignant and heartfelt addition to the Canadian folk music landscape. Her journey, marked by authenticity and a dedication to storytelling, continues to inspire and connect, proving that sometimes, the spaces between us are where the most profound connections are made.

For more information about Alex Krawczyk and to listen to “Space Between Us,” visit her official Facebook page at

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