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Shant Tutunjian on Broadening Your Horizon and Drawing Inspiration from the World Around You.

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Shant Tutunjian on Broadening Your Horizon and Drawing Inspiration from the World Around You.

Newton was not the first to witness an apple fall from its tree, but where others simply saw slightly dented fruit, Newton saw the law of gravity.

The same thing goes with Bill Gates and Microsoft. Where others saw fantasy, he saw an opportunity.

Today, these are well-known names that have, without doubt, had monumental impacts on the world as we know it.

They were able to do this because they could see beyond the ordinary or mundane and draw inspiration from everyday things around them.

Shant Tutunjian is just the same. While his achievements are nothing so grand as discovering the law of gravity or creating a trillion-dollar company, he has done reasonably well for himself. He is an executive producer best known for his work on the critically acclaimed show Legendary, which delves into underground ball culture and shines a spotlight on the stories of previously neglected competitors. He also started his own media company to create unique and undiscovered formats. Here’s how he did it:

Immerse Yourself in New Experiences.

Your imagination is tethered to the known. In other words, the more you know, the better you can create. Shant does this with every new project he encounters. “My work habits are to emerge myself into experiences that are new to me,” he says to me.

By learning more about the world and its cultures, he has various templates to choose from when creating. He employed this same method when creating Legendary. Shant’s first experience with ball culture was on a night out with friends. He was fascinated by the scene and the culture and spent considerable time studying it and learning its intricacies. It was only by doing this that he could come up with a show that stole the hearts of so many.

Find People that Inspire You.

People can be a great source of inspiration, and hearing their stories and taking a peek into their world and thoughts can provide you with a whole new perspective. Shant knows the importance of finding such people, and he says simply, “I like working with people who inspire me.”

While the idea for Legendary came from him, Shant still relied on many people to bring the concept to fruition. By turning to his team, he created a well-rounded and comprehensive portrayal of the ball scene.

Find Content that inspires you.

Following the work of amazing creatives is a great way to get inspired for your next project. Whether it’s by listening to music, watching a documentary, or reading a book, engaging other creative works can help jumpstart your creative brain and get you inspired.

Open Your Mind.

Inspiration can come from anywhere; what matters is if you’re ready to receive it. Like Newton and the apple, even the most mundane things can inspire great ideas. Shant himself is always open to inspiration from all sources. He says he’s been inspired by many people, from yoga instructors to studio executives.

A great example is Legendary, the inspiration behind which came up during a night out with friends.

Live Your Life.

Sometimes it’s just as easy as that. Living means experiencing, and you can then draw on these experiences to create masterpieces that other people can relate to. It turns out that the simple things in life can profoundly impact our creative lives. That is why Shant makes sure to maintain a healthy social life. Outside of his job, he is an animal lover, a food and food enthusiast, and an avid explorer. Over the years, he’s found that maintaining this healthy balance has helped him experience life, which he can then channel into his work.

Setbacks are also a part of life, and they are potential grounds to search out Inspiration.

Listen to Other People’s Lives.

If you’ve ever thought that your life was too dull to tell a story about, then tell stories about other people. Shants philosophy is to talk to everyone and listen more than speak. Doing this will give you a window into their minds, how they think, and the challenges they face. You can find inspiration in other people’s feats and challenges, which can spur you to create unique works that represent them.

Legendary is based on this idea. By considering the lives of ball contenders, their struggles and sacrifices, and their talents and victories, Shant was able to create a masterpiece that brought the ball community into the light.


You don’t need a Muse or the favor of Apollo to find inspiration for your next project. Inspiration is all around you, in the people in the culture, experiences, and ourselves. It’s up to you whether you see it, and it’s up to you whether you take it

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