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Pioneering Pain Diagnosis – Braxton Norwood and Lutroo Imaging’s Mission


Pioneering Pain Diagnosis – Braxton Norwood and Lutroo Imaging’s Mission

Braxton Norwood, PhD, is a scientist-entrepreneur with a formidable commitment to transforming healthcare through innovative medical technology. As the CEO and co-founder of Lutroo Imaging, based in Montana, Norwood is at the forefront of developing diagnostic technologies aimed at revolutionizing how pain is identified and treated.

Norwood’s journey into the medical field is fueled by a blend of scientific rigor and a socially-conscious business approach. With a strong inclination towards data-driven solutions and the societal impact of his work, he prioritizes advancements in healthcare over financial gain. His entrepreneurial spirit is marked by a readiness to embrace calculated risks and devise groundbreaking solutions to complex health challenges.

With an impressive track record, Norwood has founded four biopharma and medtech companies in Montana, where he has taken on roles ranging from CEO to Director of Research and Development. His focus has primarily been on the development of drugs and radiotracers, advancing them from the discovery stage through to Phase II clinical trials. His efforts have been supported by a mix of public and private funding sources, including NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants and venture capital.

Over the years, Norwood has contributed to over 25 peer-reviewed scientific articles and holds several patents, underscoring his significant contributions to medical science. Aside from scientific pursuits, his personal interests include rock climbing, aviation, and whisky, adding a bit of depth to his professional persona.

At Lutroo Imaging, Norwood and his team are dedicated to addressing one of the most pressing challenges in healthcare: pain management. Recognizing that pain is often invisible to existing diagnostic tests, they are developing an innovative diagnostic tool designed to visually identify and measure the sources of pain. This technology aims to make pain management more efficient, cost-effective, and precise, providing physicians with the necessary tools to diagnose and treat pain effectively.

The inception of Lutroo Imaging was a collaborative effort with Tony Babb, a childhood friend and fellow rock climber. Both founders share a deep passion for enhancing healthcare services, especially in their home state of Montana, where they aim to make significant local impacts.

Pain is the leading reason for medical consultations in the U.S., with 60% of adults experiencing significant pain annually, translating into an economic burden exceeding $1 trillion. Globally, over 1 billion people suffer from chronic pain, highlighting the urgent need for more effective diagnostic and treatment strategies.

Norwood’s vision extends beyond mere technological innovation; he is a staunch advocate for responsible capitalism, ensuring that his business operations promote societal well-being alongside corporate success.

For more information on Braxton Norwood and Lutroo Imaging, visit LinkedIn, his personal website, Crunchbase, and F6s.

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