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Boots in Business – Paving the Path for Military Community Transition to Entrepreneurship


Boots in Business – Paving the Path for Military Community Transition to Entrepreneurship

Boots in Business is a dedicated program spearheaded by founder, Ray Ferguson, who utilizes his military and entrepreneurial experiences to guide transitioning military personnel into the world of entrepreneurship. With his eyes on empowering military personnel, Boots in Business presents a unique platform to educate and empower military personnel who are in the process of transitioning into civilian life.

The company’s primary goal is to equip military entrepreneurs with the requisite skills and knowledge in the fields of real estate investment and business start-ups. Candor testimonials from satisfied customers affirm the efficacy of the program, with Anna Barlow, a Realtor, hailing it as “a path to wealth building”. Alyssa “Lyss” Johnston, a Debt-Freedom Coach, praised it for being full of “quality information that considers military service when investing in real estate.”

Boots in Business extends its offers to a diverse section of the military community including Active Duty, Reservist, National Guard, and Family Members. As part of the resources offered, it provides access to periodic webinars, community networking, and mentorship through their diverse platforms.

Ferguson, having years of experience in the military, started Boots in Business as a means to help brethren handle the stress and intricacies of transitioning out of the military. The resource offers a plethora of free resources that includes blogs, podcasts, and videos, while integrating exclusive, paid content that features behind-the-scenes looks at real estate flips and inside looks at successful businesses.

At Boots in Business, the mission extends beyond coaching. Its dedication to helping military brothers and sisters transition out of the military is vividly mirrored in the variety and depth of programs offered. Apart from guiding military personnel to becoming successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors, Ferguson hopes these initiatives will benefit participants by providing more stability and helping them to utilize all their military benefits.

Ray Ferguson, a consistent champion of the military community and successful entrepreneur, exhibited his passion for teaching and entrepreneurship after retiring from the Army in 2017 following a 29-year career. His enthusiastic leadership has channeled the energy of the team into constantly advancing existing programs and developing new ones. Looking out on the horizon, the next couple of months will witness the launch of a new entrepreneurship course and community network.

In summary, Boots in Business stands as an empowering, extended hand to transitioning military personnel, providing them with a toolbox for success as they step into the entrepreneurial landscape. With the articulation of future plans, Boots in Business promises a spirit of innovation, helping participants build a nurturing platform for personal and financial growth.

For more information about Boots in Business, visit their Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Podcast.

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