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Teen Entrepreneur Holden Bierman Takes the World by Storm with Coastal Cool


Teen Entrepreneur Holden Bierman Takes the World by Storm with Coastal Cool

Holden Bierman is the CEO and Founder of Coastal Cool. Holden is known as a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and the founder of go-to beach vacation lifestyle brand Coastal Cool. Before starting Coastal Cool, Holden always had a passion for becoming an entrepreneur, and exploring new ideas and business ventures. Holden attends Fuquay-Varina High School located in Wake County, North Carolina. Ever since Holden was young, he always had a strive and wanted to pursue the world of business.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Holden stayed home due to virtual learning. He spent the summer of 2020, beginning the early-visions for Coastal Cool. Holden learned the backend of Shopify and the E-Commerce world. Holden continued to build on the early brand development stage of Coastal Cool, known as the go-to beach and lifestyle fashion brand today.

Holden started building connections through his online social presence, connecting with business leaders and entrepreneurs. In late August of 2020, Coastal Cool was launched, originally selling coastal inspired clothing, including hoodies and tees, for men and women. Coastal Cool started off simple, but grew the catalog and brand identity over the years. Holden continued marketing the brand on numerous social media platforms, and his networks.

In the Summer of 2021, Coastal Cool branched out from just graphic clothing. Coastal Cool now offers recycled swimwear, and matching beachwear collections. The line of tropical-inspired swimwear is made from upcycled plastic bottles, and ships in post consumer recycled packaging. Ensuring a worry-free time all the way to your doorstep.

Coastal Cool offers matching swimwear for both men and women with coverups and vacation essentials. The vibrant, modern, and classic looks and collections have you covered for comfort, performance, and style. Coastal Cool has you covered for any occasion, made for a worry-free experience. The breathable lightweight fabrics allow you for smooth, comfortable, good times.  Coastal Cool is the leading sustainable go-to beach vacation lifestyle brand. 

The process of Coastal Cool’s recycled swimwear is simple. From recycling, to vacationing. The collection of swimwear is composed from upcycled plastic bottles. The plastic bottles and recyclables are recovered from the ocean, and then washed and chopped into smaller flakes.

Then, the flakes go through a melting process to form into microchips. Finally, the chips are formed into breathable, stretchable, and sustainable fabrics with ready to wear prints made for good times. Coastal Cool wants to have a sustainable impact, while making you stand out and look good for any occasion.

As of 2023, Coastal Cool has grown their online social presence to over 120 thousand followers across social media. Coastal Cool has partnered with numerous influencers and beach content based online creators. Holden Bierman continues to serve as the leading CEO and Founder growing the brand, while being a full-time high school student, social media influencer, business owner, and athlete.

Coastal Cool is your go-to beach brand for the next vacation. Vibrant, classic, and modern garments that have you covered for comfort, performance, and style. Made for a worry-free leisure time.

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