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NORD is Oregon’s Most Recognized Songwriting Talent


NORD is Oregon’s Most Recognized Songwriting Talent

At the impressive age of just eighteen years old, this adept musician and songwriter who’s originally from West Linn, Oregon is credited as the genius behind the structures of many modern hit Pop and Hip-Hop songs. Carter Davis, professionally known as NORD, has reached the ears of over one-billion unique listeners across the world through the means of his mainstream collaborative contributions to projects. Rebecca Black, Addison Rae, Ice Spice, Drake, and 21 Savage are among NORD’s extensive list of frequent collaborators. Whether it’s assisting with the lyric structure of an existing song, or writing new melodies from scratch to create a completely unique vibe to match a project’s vision, Carter takes great diligence in his practice and the final musical products in which he stands behind confidently, without fail.

Throughout NORD’s time spent in High School, he would find himself working on writing lyrics and formulating melodies throughout the late hours of the evening to the breaking light of the sunrise in the morning. The young Oregon native rapper and artist knew that to become great at his passion, the advanced level of musical expertise that he’s achieved would only come with focused work and determined drive. Carter first began to truly realize his potential as an influential composer in the scape of such a ruthless industry when the projects that he paved the opportunity for himself to work on, completely independently, began receiving the attention of tens of millions of music enjoyers globally.

Readers can stay updated with the state of Oregon’s most statistically-impactful songwriter on his official Instagram profile, where frequent lifestyle and industry-pertaining updates are published.

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