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Joanne Docherty: A Champion for Mental Health Awareness and Founder of Starra Education


Joanne Docherty: A Champion for Mental Health Awareness and Founder of Starra Education

Although we have made some improvement in attitudes towards mental illnesses in recent years, mental health stigma is still highly prevalent worldwide.

Today we bring you one of the best qualified and certified mental health trainers in the industry, who has been fighting this stigma and opting for a change in people’s attitude toward mental illness.

What’s so admirable about Joanne Docherty and her achievements is that she was child whose mother was so severely mentally ill that she couldn’t look after her. She uses this lived experience to shape all of this work she does.

She has amassed a significant reputation for being a true empathetic professional whose only mission is to create a society devoid of mental health stigma and ensure a better future for her daughter and people alike.

In recent times, Joanne Docherty has been a respected tutor at the University of Glasgow and is a member of the Scottish Parliament Group For Mental Health.

But that’s not all. Along with other significant accomplishments, Joanne is the head figure of non-profit organizations, striving to defeat this stigma and improve countless lives.

With her knowledge, certifications, and qualifications, and over 15 years of professional experience, she founded Starra Education, which strives to help corporations and individuals worldwide.

But if you ask us what’s the most commendable trait she possesses, we’d tell you it’s her passion for learning.

In a recent interview, despite her achievements and successes, Joanne mentioned that she is always striving to improve herself by never stopping or ceasing to learn new ways and apply them into her work.

Joanne Docherty’s Early Life and Drive for Mental Health Advocacy

It may not look like it today since it is masked by all the accomplishments, but Joanne Docherty was the only child to a mother who was suffering from a mental health disorder. 

We learned that her mother was suffering from Schizophrenia but she passed away when Joanne was around the age of ten, so she couldn’t really understand how draining it was for her to be alive, and have no support.

While the idea of fighting mental health stigma and helping people overcome this illness, came to her at a really young age, it was not until 2021 that she found clarity and a better understanding of what her mother must’ve gone through.

Joanne is committed to making change and wants her daughter to grow up in a world where people experiencing mental health issues won’t experience the same stigma that her grandmother did.

Empowering Change through Starra Education

Joanne Docherty founded Starra Education to help businesses and individuals. Joanne an excellent trainer who is dedicated and focused in creating that positive mental health culture in work places.

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